TandemMaster-Morse-2-USB Interface

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Product Details


  • Fully customizable Morse Code set
  • Integrated Morse Code mouse functionality (does not rely on MouseKeys)
  • Jack for external speaker for Morse Code beeps feedback
  • Morse Code initiated volume control
  • Simple Morse Code initiated speed control
  • Supports multiple menus (up to 4) for different Morse Code sets
  • No drivers or software to load. Just plug it in to a USB port, and it's fully operational.
  • Fully Macintosh and PC compatible.
  • LED indication for indication of current menus, and code input.
  • Builds on the functionality and features of the Adap2U Morse Code input device.

The User's Manual: Here

Micheal and me


The switches that I find to be the best for sending Morse code are Lever Switches. They provide feedback by clicking when I press on them and release them. These switches can be found at Zygo Industries

Many users of Morse code use sip and puff switch; this is probably the fastest input method. Unfortunately, I don't have much control of my mouth, otherwise, I would be using a sip and puff switch. Some can be found at Origin Instruments

The speaker for the TandemMaster can be any one of the following:
8-Ohm Mini Speaker, Gigaware™ Universal Speaker for MP3, JVCฎ Ear Bud Headphones (If specified, we could include a speaker with your order.)

If your switch plugs are 1/8" mono plugs, you will need a "Y" adapter to allow you to plug the two switches into the TandemMaster. 1/8" Dual Mono Jack to 1/8" Stereo Plug Y-Adapter
(If specified, we could include an Y-Adapter with your order.)

Codes to help get started with the TandemMaster

.-.-.-.- (4 A’s) Resets the TM (This opens up the folder where the User’s Manual is, also. You can store your configuration file in this folder)

To change the menus:

Menu 1 .....-- (5m) Alpha
Menu 2 ....--- (ho) Mouse
Menu 3 "...-.-- (sy) Number shortcuts
Menu 4 ...--.- (sq) Keyboard arrows
Loops the menus ..---.. (ioi)

To speed up the Morse code . . . . . . .(7 dits)
To slow down the Morse code - - - - - - - (7 dahs)

To make the beeps louder ...---- (s and BCKSP)
To make the beeps quieter ...--.. (sz)

Word Prediction
-...---- (b and BCKSP) Prediction on
-...--.. (bz) Prediction off

Mouse Commands

(I recommend that you change the mouse codes to your own mouse codes first. This will make it easier for you to navigate on your computer as you get familiar with the TandemMaster)

"--" "[mouse moveup 2 pixels]" (M)
"---" "[mouse movedown 2 pixels]" (O)
"••" "[mouse moveleft 2 pixels]" (I)
"•••" "[mouse moveright 2 pixels]" (S)
"-" "[mouserepeat slow (T)
"•" "[mouserepeat fast (E)
"-•" (N) Mouse Left button Down
"•-" (A) Mouse Left button UP
"-••" (G) Mouse Left button click
"--••" (Z) Mouse Left button double-click
"--•" (G) Mouse Right Button Down
"•-•" (R) Mouse Right Button UP
"•--" (W) Mouse Right Button click
"•--•" (P) Mouse Right Button double-click

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